Jacqueline's California 14ers in a push
drink up
what a way to start!? July 8th 6:33 am 2006
J signs in
Good girls sign in before climbing the Mtn.
driver support George
Nice to have good support like George. Mike Ayon not shown, cause he's taking the photo.
Jacqueline's homepage.

Sheppard's trail head
4am start on Sunday at Sheppard's pass trail head.

List of peaks and links to other's adventures linking up the Cal 14ers.
Jacqueline's blog on this adventure.mtn wirting

j blogging
map of 14ers
There are 15fifteen -14ers in California.
J descending from the PalisadesJ making it to the low angle snow slope.

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Hans's report:
- July 17th FINISHED! Jacki called tonight at 20:37 and said she had topped out on Langley at 14:15 earlier today. She's done and headed to Bishop for her final slumber.
- July 16th Peter Coward and J climbed Russel, Whitney, and Muir CTC in 14:12 ! just Langley left to do.
- July 15th, J phone called in that she and Peter Coward ascended Middle Palisade. that's ten done and only four to go! (I returned to the city to wrestle the kids)
-July 14th, Rest day. organize
- July13th, J and I climbed five of the six 14ers along the Palisades ridge.
- July 12th, I climbed Split Mtn yesterrday with J, we made it in about 11.5 hours, CTC.  Too much for me to do anything more than write you and organize today. Tomorrow we go for five 14ers along the Palisades ridge.
- Jully 10th, J called this morning at 8:19am she was out the door to go climb White Mtn. She didn't climb Williamson yesterday due to poor weather. ( I think)
- July 9th at 13:14 J left a message that she had summitted Tyndal and there were snow flurries.
- Jully 8th J called from the car. She made it down. Round trip CTC on Shasta was 8:30
- July 8th, J called from the summit at 12:41 pm.  one down 14 to go.
-July 8th,  J was at the red banks at about 11 am. 
- July 8, J started from the parking lot at 6:41 headed up Shasta.
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leki poles - the best!

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jet boil baby!
Js choice shoes.

kahtoola Light crampons!